CSR  Report  2019 Mitsubishi Paper Sales Co., Ltd.

Our Business Lines

Delivering materials and solutions To address a variety of needs


Launched sales of Oji Paper products!

For many years, MPS has served as the exclusive distributor in Japan for Mitsubishi Paper Mills. Recently, however, we have begun carrying the products of other companies including Oji Paper, Chuetsu Pulp & Paper, Hokuetsu Corporation, and Daio Paper. In addition, we have expanded our lineup from printing paper and paperboard to include packaging paper, sanitary paper and miscellaneous papers.

We’re responding to the broad needs of paper
We offer everything from FSC®-certified products to plastic-free solutions

Paper Products

Proposing the many possibilities unique to paper

We not only supply paper as a material, but also plan and propose all aspects of paper from materials to products. We are capable of providing one-stop services for products such as company brochures, CSR reports, pamphlets, catalogues and calendars, from planning to printing, binding and delivery. We are also able to offer one-stop services for containers and packaging made from paperboard.

Safety & Health

For safety and peace of mind. Selecting items truly useful during a disaster or emergency

We have reaffirmed the importance of disaster prevention following our experience with the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. We launched the Safety & Health business segment under the keywords safety and health. We will do more than just sell products, we will establish a comprehensive support system for disaster response, including supporting employees to acquire disaster prevention specialist certification, to achieve a future where all people live with peace of mind and smiles.

We propose order made solutions for disaster preparedness supplies
Corporate Planning Dept. Kunihiko Takahata

Easy Rescue

Easy Rescue is a hands-free stretcher that frees up the hands of the transporter. Easy Rescue makes mobility even easier in places difficult for a conventional stretcher, such as stairways and elevators. It can carry up to 120kg despite its compact and light weight design (it weighs about 1kg and is around the size of a sheet of A4 paper when folded up for storage). Easy Rescue provides added peace of mind during any unforeseen emergency.



Fudoo is easy to install (simply apply) and it can withstand earthquakes up to seismic intensity 7. It can be removed easily without damaging walls.


Earthquake Early Warning Terminal (Monitoring Edition)

This terminal provides notification of an earthquake by voice and onscreen before the shaking begins. It uses Earthquake Early Warning data for advanced users to obtain earthquake information around 8.5 seconds* faster than television or mobile telephone.
*May vary based on location or distance from epicenter.

Earthquake Early Warning Terminal (Monitoring Edition)
We are continuing actions for the environment together with companies and schools


Aiming for a ring that connects forests and people

MPS was the first Japanese paper distributor to obtain FSC certification. We have actively been involved in the environment business for some time, including not only selling FSC-certified paper, but also supporting forest conservation using thinned timber and building a recycling system for used paper. Since 2015, we have expanded our activities including collaboration with students working for the environment. This includes joint development of products with the Chiba University Environmental ISO Student Committee for raising environmental awareness.


Bringing smiles to people providing childcare or family care

Deodobag is a special bag for used disposable diapers designed to lock in foul smells using its multi-layered structure. The multilayered bag is made from a combination of material with oxygen permeation of less than 1/5,000 that of general polyethylene (PE). Simply place used disposable diapers and seal the deodobag to contain any unwanted odors. In Japan’s aging society, foul odors from disposable diapers have become a major issue for care providers. We have received rave reviews from care givers at facilities that have begun using deodobag; thus, we believe there will be a growing need for deodobag in the future.

The power of materials is helping to solve many problems

Case study

Today, Houki Town in Tottori Prefecture has established a disposable diaper thermal recycling program where disposable diapers are made into pellets for fuel used to power a biomass boiler. Deodobag is the town’s designated bag for the collection of disposable diapers. It plays an important role in connecting the town’s disposable diaper recycling program from start to finish.

We propose direct mail solutions with proven results

Data to Print

User influenced variable printing that is more profound and more targeted

Data to print is a data-driven direct mail service using paper. It is a communication tool that can deliver variable information tailored to individuals in a timely manner following a sales promotion scenario based on analysis of customer data. This service maximizes the attractiveness of paper media to appeal to users in a more profound and more targeted manner.

FSC® C011851